What do we mean by terroir and terroir wines?

For the wineries that make up Qalidès, terroir-driven wines represent a philosophy and a way of experiencing the world of wine. Over the years, terroir has come to mean a small, specific plot of land within a greater terrain that endows the wine with an exceptional expression of varietal character through the ideal combination of sun, topography, grape variety, climate and winegrowing practices.

"Terroirs are living spaces of innovation, and terroir wines reveal their typicity and originality based on a system of interactions between biophysical and human factors."

International Meeting Planète Terroirs – UNESCO, Paris, November 10th, 2005.

Finca Can Vendrell, Finca Can Milà, Finca Can Simó and La Botera (revived varieties)

Finca de Les Deveses

Finca Can Feixes

Finca Can Ràfols dels Caus

Finca Terroja, Finca La Calma and Finca Les Guineus, Alejandro & Castellroig

Fransola, Mas Borrás, Mas La Plana and Reserva Real

Finca Viladellops

Finca Mas Escorpí, Finca La Solana, Finca Ca n'Aguilera and Finca Font de Jui 

Finca Els Camps and Finca Mas Vilella  

Vinya Le Havre, Vinya Palau, Vinya Gigi and Vinya La Scala

Mas Candí Vineyards

Mas Comtal Vineyards

Finca Hisenda Miret, Finca Les Valls, Els Pujols, Finca La Torreta, Finca El Subal