Description and History

The idea for Pardas began to take shape in 1996 when the enologist Ramon Parera and the agronomist Jordi Arnan bought the Can Comas estate. In 1996, Can Comas consisted of 60 hectares of Mediterranean woodland and grain fields. The estate also included a country house originally built during the Middle Ages and a winery that had not been used since the Spanish Civil War. Using this as their starting point, the two winegrower-vintners put their idea into practice: to combine the crafting of unique wines with the careful stewardship of the natural environment.

Home to austere, dry-farmed vineyards free from fertilizing additives, the Can Comas estate in Torrelavit represents the passion and commitment of two young entrepreneurs who love the world of wine.

Varieties and Production

Pardas only works with its own grapes grown by the winery in its own vineyards. The winery works with around 70 hectares divided into about 90 plots that vary radically in terms of soil, although most are calcareous-clay based: deep clay with a significant amount of alluvial gravel, loamy alluvial terrains, petrocalcic at different depths and variable in terms of lime content.

These soil types make it possible to grow different varieties: white grapes like Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Malvasia de Sitges and red Xarel·lo, and red varieties like Sumoll, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Monastrell.

The entire production process is defined by a personal touch, from the winery's concern for the environment and the raw material to its emphasis on manual, artisanal work involving almost no technology. The work in the winery focuses on the essentials, and human intervention is kept to a minimum throughout the entire winemaking process.

Wine Characteristics

Exceptional wines with clearly defined character. The place, roots, earth, climate and varieties determine the style of the wine, not the human hand. For the Pardas winery, making organic wines is a matter of principle.

The winery's respect for the vine and its environment even finds expression in its trademark: a wild boar, the animal that roams the vineyards at night.



Finca Can Comas s/n 08775 Torrelavit (Barcelona)
Tel. 93 899 50 05
GPS: 41º 26´48” N 1º 42´44” E