Familia Torres

Description and history

Ever since Familia Torres began making wine in 1870, it has united tradition, innovation, and a deep respect for the environment to produce prestigious wines and brandies. The Torres family’s connection to the land spans four centuries, with the earliest winegrowing references dating as far back as 1577. The family has historically owned vineyards and wineries in Penedès, its ancestral home, as well as in other regions like Conca de Barberà, Priorat, and Costers del Segre. 

FAMILIA TORRES Miquel Mireia Torres

Every generation has done its part to grow the family business and has passed on the importance of caring for the Earth, striving for excellence, and sharing wine culture with others. With Miguel A. Torres, the fourth generation introduced Cabernet Sauvignon to Spain, which led to the creation of Mas La Plana in 1970. Today, the focus of the fifth generation is to keep producing wines from exceptional vineyards and historical estates, as well as bringing back ancestral Catalan varieties. This project not only restores a winegrowing heritage, but could provide solutions within a climate change context, given the heat and drought resistance of these varieties. Familia Torres is adapting to the new climate reality while also contributing to the mitigation of its effects. It is reducing its carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy, sustainable vehicles, and energy efficiency measures, among other initiatives.

Familia Torres is a member of Primum Familiae Vini, an association comprising 12 of the oldest and most renowned wine families in Europe.

Varieties and production

More than 60 hectares make up Familia Torres's historical flagship estates in Penedès, all of which are certified organic: Mas La Plana (29 hectares), located next to the winery in Pacs del Penedès, is home to the Cabernet Sauvignon that produces the legendary wine of the same name. Les Arnes (4 hectares) lies near Mediona and produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot for the Reserva Real blend, Familia Torres's most exclusive wine in terms of production. Fransola (25 hectares), near the town of Santa Maria de Miralles, is an exceptional vineyard for growing white varieties, including Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling for the wines Fransola and Waltraud.

FAMILIA TORRES Sala vinificacio MasLaPlana

Wine characteristics

Great care goes into making Familia Torres’s terroir wines, which begin with a meticulous selection of grapes, both in the vineyard and the winery, to ensure that only the best fruit ends up in the bottle. The wines are honest, elegant, balanced, true to the variety and the terroir. Wines with personality. Familia Torres produces four incomparable icon wines in Penedès: the whites Fransola and Waltraud, known for their freshness and delicate palate, and the reds Mas La Plana and Reserva Real, impressively ageworthy wines.



Finca el Maset, s/n. 08796 Pacs del Penedès (Barcelona)
Tel. 93 817 74 00
GPS: 41º 20'€™ 58'' N, 1º 39'€™ 59'' E