Castellroig - Finca Sabaté i Coca

Description and History

Present i Futur de Castellroig

For four generations, the family has dedicated body and soul to working the Finca Sabaté i Coca estate. In the 1980s, the family decided to embark on a new project – Castellroig – uniting the family's vineyards in the Bitlles Valley and the old, fortified country house from the 18th century in the municipal area of Subirats, where the winery is currently located. The result: over 34 hectares of vineyards in the Alt Penedès, which have transformed this family-owned winery into the project of a lifetime.

The winery adheres to a particular working philosophy to achieve its goal: the truest expression of the land. By working each terroir separately – even vinifying the grapes in tiny, individual batches – respecting the environment at all times and focusing on local varieties like Xarel·lo, the winery crafts limited productions of distinctive wines and cavas (sparkling wines).

Varieties and Production

Finca Sabaté i Coca owns 36 hectares of vines and bases its production on 14 grape varieties with a particular emphasis on Xarel·lo.

The family's winemaking philosophy is based on an in-depth understanding of the 18 soil types and 64 micro-plots that make up the estate's different terrains. Each terroir is worked and planted differently based on its unique characteristics in order to obtain the best grapes.

The wines that form part of Qalidès come from the following terroirs: Finca Les Guineus, Alejandro i Castellroig, Finca Terroja, Finca La Calma.

Wine Characteristics

For the Sabaté i Coca family, the land is the "living home of the vines." This is why we believe grapes should be grown in an environmentally sustainable manner, as part of the landscape and "with the lowest possible impact." As a result, our vineyards are organic and we use natural techniques (planting according to the lunar cycle, permanent or seasonal [winter] plant cover, sheep to control weed growth and remove leaves from around the grapes, etc.) that allow us to improve the quality of our wines.

The terroir wines by Castellroig are unique creations produced in limited quantities, born from the balance struck between four factors that give them their personality: the climate and source, the grapevines, the estate's terroirs and the character of the Sabaté i Coca family.

Castellroig crafts authentically terroir-driven wines that are organic, Mediterranean and reflect the landscape and their origin, doing so with great personality and elegance.


CASTELLROIG - Finca Sabaté i Coca

Ctra. Sant Sadurní d’Anoia a Vilafranca del Penedès (c-243a), km 1.
08739 Subirats (Barcelona)
Tel: 93 891 19 27
GPS: 41º 25' 05" N , 1º 46' 24" E