Can Feixes

Description and History

Tradition, meticulous craft and high-quality products. The Can Feixes winery, managed by the Huguet brothers, has preserved its identity throughout 250 years of winemaking history. It is among the oldest wineries in the region and boasts one of the richest traditions. The estate is listed as a Bien de Interés Cultural or cultural heritage site by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

Can Feixes is located in the village of Cabrera d'Anoia, at an elevation of 400 meters in the northernmost part of the Penedés, which marks the border between this region and its neighbor, Anoia. This geographic reality defines the extraordinary personality of the Can Feixes wines and cavas (sparkling wines), drawn from the minerality of the soil.

Can Feixes distributes its products throughout Spain and their quality has also received international recognition. The winery has consistently increased its exports year after year in accordance with its limited production.

Varieties and Production

The business philosophy of Can Feixes reflects the spirit of a traditional French château, fully aware that the careful crafting of high-quality wines limits commercial growth.
Can Feixes has 80 hectares of organically cultivated vines, as well as 40 hectares of pasture for sheep to graze, 10 hectares of olive trees and 4 hectares of almond trees, all of which are organic.

In terms of wine production, Can Feixes mainly grows varieties like Parellada, Macabeo, Chardonnay and Malvasia de Sitges to make its fine white wines, and Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot for its magnificent reds.

The varieties grow on 80 hectares of vineyards, which make up 25% of the overall land comprising the Can Feixes estate. The wines that form part of Qalidès come from a single terroir: Finca Can Feixes

Wine Characteristics

Elegant, fresh wines that mature beautifully.



Finca Can Feixes s/n - 08718 Cabrera de Anoia, (Barcelona)
Tel. 937 71 82 27
GPS N 41º 29.298´ S 1º 41.477´