Albet i Noya

Description and History

The winery Albet i Noya, located in the town of Sant Pau d'Ordal (Subirats), has pioneered organic winegrowing in the Penedès and throughout Spain. The Albet family settled at the Can Vendrell estate in 1903. Under Josep Maria Albet i Noya, part of the fourth and current generation, the winery introduced organic winegrowing during the late 1970s. Encouraged by the success of its first organic wine, a Tempranillo made exclusively for the Danish market, the winery gradually increased the percentage of its organic vineyards until reaching 100%. In the 1980s, the family finally purchased the estate, which they had cared for and managed for four generations.

The groundbreaking, innovative spirit of Albet i Noya is also reflected in the winery's many research projects and the on-going improvement of its facilities. Since 1998, the winery has carried out viticultural experiments to revive old varieties that had largely disappeared from the Penedès in the wake of phylloxera.

Familia Albet i NoyaNowadays, Albet i Noya combines its grape-growing and winemaking tradition with international distribution, bringing its high-quality still and sparkling wines to countries throughout Europe, the United States, Latin America and Japan. In addition, the winery offers conscientious, low-impact wine tourism and promotes environmental awareness while preserving the personality of a family-owned winery.

Varieties and Production

Albet i Noya owns 80 hectares of vineyards. 50% of the winery's production is based on the 12 varieties of red grapes it grows. 30% of the remaining production consists of white wines (11 different varieties grow in their vineyards) and 20% of sparkling wines.

The winery not only grows its own grapes, but also buys them from 12 local growers who have switched to organic farming under the winery's guidance. Albet i Noya embraces a philosophy that finds expression in a commitment to producing the highest-quality grapes and respecting all living things.

The wines that form part of Qalidès come from the following terroirs: Finca Can Simó, Finca Can Vendrell, Finca Can Milà, Finca La Botera (revived varieties)

Wine Characteristics

Albet i Noya has established itself as a winery dedicated to the production of high-end, terroir-driven wines that reflect the extraordinary characteristics of the shallow, calcareous-clay soils of Costers d’Ordal.



Can Vendrell, s.n. 08739 Sant Pau d'Ordal, (Barcelona)
Tel. 938 99 48 12
GPS: 41º23.072'N 001º48.404'E