The association is open to all wineries that produce their own high-quality still wines within the Penedès appellation of origin. We hope the requirements listed below will give you a better idea of what is needed to qualify for membership:

  • The winery must be located within the Penedès appellation of origin.
  • The wines must originate from vineyards managed directly by the wineries and located within the geographical area of the Penedès appellation.
  • The winery should primarily focus on the production of quality wines, actively producing them for at least five years before joining the association.
  • The winery should have a traditional, family or historical connection to the geographic area comprising the Penedès appellation.
  • Member wineries should produce high-end wine ranges.
  • A minimum of 51% of the winery's property and its vineyards should be family owned, and one or more members of the family that owns the winery should be involved in running the business.
  • Wineries interested in joining the association should submit a written request to the Executive Committee, which will present said request at the next General Meeting. The General Meeting is the decision-making body responsible for approving new membership requests.