This past Friday 20th of January, Qalidès, the wine cellars association, has chosen the new president of the organization. The elections were held in the rural property of Santa Margarida d’Agulladolç, in Alt Penedès. The elected president was Marcelo Desvalls, representant of the Viladellops wine cellar, who will replace Mireia Torres after four years of presidency. Desvalls will occupy the presidency during the following two years, and thus, he becomes the third president of the Qalidès history, an association born in 2004 which nowadays is composed by fourteen family wineries.

Marcelo Desvalls is the owner of Viladellops wine cellar, a winery which is strongly related to the history of Olèrdola’s Castle. From 2007 and onwards, Viladellops wine cellar has obtained the 100% ecological certificate, and counts with a large experience in the vine producing experimentation. They bet for autochthonous varieties which grow in very special calcareous soils in the Massís Garraf’s area. Their wines are a clear referent of those quality wines that can be found in El Penedès.

Since February 2013, Qalidès presidency has been occupied by Mireia Torres. It was a total of four years which have been highly productive for the association. During this period, a large range of activities have been organised with the main objective to promote all types of wines that belong to Qalidès association.

One of the most highlighted and original activities have been the Speed Tastings, a new modern way of tasting which attracts new costumers to the world of wine. There has been a total of three Speed Tastings, and all of them have been granted with the presence of Jordi Vilà, a chef with a Michelin Star, and Andrea Tumbarello, a well-known Italian chef. In addition, recently Qalidès has held innovating activities such as "7 balls, 7 vins i 7 balls de swing" in the widely-known Bardot’s restaurant.

The pairings have also been highlighted activities during the Torres’ presidency, as they proof it with the several collaborations with excellent Barcelonan restaurants such as El Principal, the Spoonik, the Louis 1865 of Fàbrica Moritz or the Japanese Fukamura.

In a more professional and academic level, there have been organised two editions of “Debats Qalidès”, a strategic bet to popularise “the society of the vine-producing” which makes special wines of the several D.O. The first debate was named “The influence of the soil on the expression of the wines”, and the second one was titled “The old wine yards: a myth?” The association also participated in summer courses held by the University of Barcelona, which consisted of two theoretical and practical sessions titled “Qalidès: A Project which respects the wine and the grapes”.

Concurrently to all those activities, Mireia Torres was also been working in the renewal of the Qalidès website, helped by Dinàmic Comunicació and Contem Assessors, so as to improve the communication and the management of the site. The new president, Marcelo Desvalls, has agreed to continue putting forward this method of working in order to consolidate Qalidès as one of the great references in the Catalan vine-producing world.


Qalidès, Terrers del Penedès

Qalidès is an association composed by 14 wineries which defends the quality of the Penedès wines. They are highly respectful with their surroundings, their landscape identity and the richness of an area granted with 2,500 years of vine-producing experience. The members of the association are trying to promote a vine-producing and sustainable culture with the natural environment, which simultaneously tries to highlight the singularity of the cellar wines, and to promote enotourism in Penedès area.

The cellars with constitute Qalidès, Terrers del Penedès, are: Albet i Noya, Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm, Can Feixes, Can Ràfols dels Caus, Castellroig Sabaté i Coca, Jané Ventura, Gramona, Jean Leon, Mas Comtal, Miguel Torres, Pardas, Finca Viladellops, Mas Candí i Parés Baltà.